Fluidmech founded in 2014 on the core values of Honesty, Respect, and Integrity. We are entirely committed in setting a benchmark in work ethic, Professionalism, Attitude, Team Work, Camaraderie, We build a healthy and friendly work environment with customers which makes us incomparable with competitors.

Fluidmech stands away from others, as it works on challenging projects be it a Weight reduction of Machines, Design Optimization of a product, New product development, Root cause Analysis and contour measure for better performance, failure prevention of machines, Moldflow simulation Value engineering, and value analysis.

FLUIDMECH having more than two decade of experience allows to be the expert in engineering consulting services. We offer innovative engineering solutions to the industries at an effective cost with a high quality, commitment and delivery. Our consulting approach employs the technical competence and experience gained over a period. We ensure that we’re solving the right problem with the most effective techniques.


Why Fluidmech?

New Product Development, 2D to 3D Conversions, software migration, concept design, Detailing, Reverse Engineering and Tool Design.

Transient and steady-state flow, Conjugat heat transfer, Fluid Structure Interaction, Multiphase flow, Heat transfer, Multicomponent mixing.

Linear, Non Linear, Fatigue, Buckling, Explicit & Implicit Analysis, Frequency response, Crash simulation, Design recommendation

Thermal simulation for PCB along with enclosure assemblies for effective heat removal, Thermal optimization.

Tear down assembly, Alternate sourcing, & materials, weight reduction, cost reduction increase profit.

Fill time, Shrinkage, Warpage, Air trap, injection pressure simulation and Mold design.



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